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Ministry Spotlight: Time to Revive’s reviveTEXAS

The seeds for Time to Revive were planted more than a decade ago, when Kyle Lance Martin set up a tent on an empty lot near downtown Dallas – inviting churches to come together to pray, worship and share the gospel.  A year later, the fledgling group held the Forty Day Dallas Revival – with more than 200 churches uniting to pray, fast, worship and share Jesus.

Dozens of cities later, the group has come full circle.  Time to Revive’s reviveTEXAS: Shake the Nations is underway – 50 days with more than 350 churches uniting to pray, fast, worship and share Christ in North Texas.

“I was part of it ten years ago,” said the ministry’s Janae Werner.  “It’s fun to see what God has done with our team, growing us and teaching us all kinds of new things.  It’s super cool that we’ve come back to Dallas, where we get to equip people in our home town.”

“Now is the time in DFW,” said Kyle.  “My prayer is that KCBI listeners will radically jump in – that they won’t miss this moment.”

Time to Revive’s big, eye-catching trucks read, “How can I pray for you?” And the group is using a new tool – a mobile baptism truck, donated by a supporter from Rockwall.  Dozens of people who have come to Christ during reviveTEXAS have already been baptized.

“It’s exactly what happened with Philip and the Ethiopian eunich – the eunich asked, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ and then right away, he gets baptized,” said Kyle.  “I don’t know how much more biblical you can get.”

Tommy, a Whataburger worker in South Dallas, expressed surprise when a Time to Revive volunteer came in to buy a meal for someone in need.  “You all wanted to come pray for people and feed the hungry – taking time out of your day, traveling and buying your own gas!  You don’t see many people do that.”

19-year-old Jamie’s life was forever changed when he met the team in a parking lot.  Kyle shared the gospel, and Jamie opened his heart to Christ.  “Have you felt Jesus’ love here?” Kyle asked.  “I’m feeling it now,” said Jamie. “I’ve got to talk to God – to let Him know that I understand that He died for me, and that I love Him.”

Someone just like Jamie is waiting to hear about Jesus, and if you’d like to join Time to Revive in sharing with them, Kyle offers this invitation: “John 1 says, ‘come and see.’ We’re praying, we’re going out and sharing the gospel, and we’re making disciples.”

reviveTEXAS will continue through Pentecost Sunday, June 4.  If you or your church would like to be part of this amazing evangelistic opportunity, visit

“I’m all in,” said Peter Louis, a member at The Upper Room in Dallas and founder of Braveheart Ministries.  “I’m just blown away by all the low-hanging fruit.”