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Parenting Today’s Teens

Mark Gregston
Saturday 5:30am

Parenting Today’s Teens was an idea encouraged by several radio veterans, who sought a broader platform for Mark Gregston to offer help to parents of teenagers.

Mark Gregston is the founder of Heartlight Ministries, a residential counselling program for teens, and the author of several books and workbooks. A popular speaker and seminar leader, Mark offers biblical insights and practical wisdom for parents wanting a deeper relationship with their teen.

For over 30 years, Mark has been helping families and teens through the challenges of adolescence. In the words of Dr. Tim Kimmel, “Mark Gregston’s never met a teenager he can’t believe in or a parent he doesn’t want to help become better. . . . [he]has a clear ‘big picture’ grasp of effective parenting. It’s formatted by the power of God’s grace and seasoned from decades of experience.”

Mark and his wife Jan have been married for 34 years and have two children and two grandchildren.