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Leadership Worth Following

Leadership Worth Following, LLC (LWF) is an Irving, Texas-based firm committed to “Changing Leadership | Changing the World.” For over a decade, clients have trusted LWF to help them identify and develop leadership worth following. The firm serves a wide range of large and small, private and public, award winning companies in the technology, healthcare, retail, transportation, and service sectors.

Over the years, LWF has helped companies of every size and description identify the specific talent implications of their business strategies, evaluate current leadership bench strength, develop internal talent, select and develop new talent, and predict the likely success of their talent in different business situations and roles

Each month, LWF also invests 10% of its gross revenue to “change the world.”  Since January, 2004, LWF has provided time and money to protect, house, feed, mentor, and/or educate people of all ages across three continents and six countries – impacting thousands of lives.

Each year LWF also sponsors a program called, “Making It Personal,” where LWF team members receive $1,000 to positively impact people in their lives. LWF also makes other humanitarian contributions, often on a “pay it forward” basis, where recipients commit to passing on the gifts they receive to others someday.

To learn more about LWF and the work they are doing, please visit